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How Can I Remove New App from PC? – Removal Tool

What is New App? New App are recognized as bogus alerts which is caused by adware or potentially unwanted programs. It will appear on your screen and claims that it will help the users to convert various foreign currencies. New App also says that it will provide tools like currency conversion widgets as well as… Read More »

Safe Guide to Remove PUP.Optional.Oapp

How can I delete PUP.Optional.Oapp? From some days my PC was behaving weirdly and thus last day I scanned. Although, I take every step to keep PC safe and clean but don’t know how it gets inside into my PC. PC performance is continuously degrading and also I am unable to do online work. I… Read More »

Safe Guide to Remove Windows Counter extension

What is Windows Counter extension? Windows Counter extension is classified as a hazardous adware threat which displays nasty ads and coupons on your browsers. It is rampant on the internet and its purpose is to gain benefits by promoting advertisement and increase sales by displaying pop-up ads and so-called saving coupons. It generates web traffic… Read More »

Easy Solution to Remove Metal Maker From PC

Overview of Metal Maker Metal Maker is a malevolent potentially unwanted application that secretly comes out in forms of additional extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects. Such kind of useless application intrudes user’s system along with number of third party free programs. There are numerous endless pop-ups, banner links or fake commercial links would be deeply… Read More »

How to Remove Win32/Critroni.gen From PC Easily

How can I delete Win32/Critroni.gen? From some days I was noticing PC was not performing well and thus last night I scanned my PC and shocked to find the very malware into my PC. Have no idea how does it permeate into my PC even after so security program. I tried best to eliminate Win32/Critroni.gen… Read More »