Monthly Archives: March 2018

Useful Guide to Remove uTab

Hi Friends my system is infected by uTab virus. Although, the anti-virus program installed in my computer is detecting this virus bout somehow its unable to remove it completely. I am so worried now as it keeps causing several issues in my PC. Please help me to remove this nasty infection from my PC. What… Read More »

Easy Solution to Remove Search Pulse From PC

Hi support team! My PC is infected with some kinda trojan virus. I’m facing unexpected troubles while using my PC. The trojan has already destroyed my important files, also corrupted system files. When I scan for missing registry files, it shows more than 1,000 files are missing. Day by day this number is increasing. I… Read More »

Safe Guide to Remove Bansomqare Wanna Ransomware

Need Help! My PC got infected with Bansomqare Wanna Ransomware. I actually don’t know how it has happened. But, one thing I must say, it’s disgusting and highly disastrous. System has become slow and sometimes it get freezes randomly. My security programs is unable to remove this malicious programs from system. I will be thankful… Read More »