Monthly Archives: April 2018

(Solved) How to Remove Easy Privacy Switch Easily?

Does so many harmful programs get installed automatically with Easy Privacy Switch? Does it mess up your entire system settings? Do you have this infection for long time on your system? Does it brought certain changes in your browser settings and System settings? Does it invite more suspicious infection into your system? Does it possess… Read More »

How to Remove My Search Manager From PC Easily

Seeing something suspicious on computer screen? Does it deemed as My Search Manager? Do you have this infection accidentally on your machine? Does it get invade directly into your machine without your awareness? Does it installed automatically and started performing its malicious activity? Does it provide more harm to its user? Does it still exist… Read More »

(Solved) How to Remove CS:GO Ransomware Easily?

Are you having difficulty in removing CS:GO Ransomware completely from the system? Does the running speed of your PC is degrading gradually? Have you detected suspicious codes in the registry editor? Does the installed security programs has stopped responding? If you are facing all these problems in your system then this post will help you.… Read More »

How to Remove Trojan.GravityRAT From PC Easily

Hey guys, I am very frustrated with removing vicious trojan virus called Trojan.GravityRAT. I have used my new version of security programs to clear its all affiliated programs from control panel sections but nothing such applied methods gets totally failed. After some minutes, when I reboot or log on the system then Trojan.GravityRAT keeps coming… Read More »